In the wee small hours…

Here’s the tough part so far.  I’m financially secure (for the time being). The outpouring of support from family and friends has been amazing (truly). I’ve already got some decent prospects (keep your fingers crossed).

Even with all that, I haven’t been able to sleep through the night since I found out I didn’t have a job anymore. I’m falling to sleep, but end up slipping into some kind of a half-awake, half-asleep state, very early in the morning.  During this, I imagine any and every kind of negative outcome to all this. Will I ever find a job?  Could I lose the house? Is my car too small to sleep in?  Do really hot chicks dig the unemployed?

I’m okay during the day, although I feel like I have to spend as much time reassuring people I’m okay as they do telling me I’m going to be okay. Anyway, for a guy whose mother always accused of “sleeping his life away” when younger, I’m not liking sleep so much.

On another note, I want to give a shout out to a former boss of mine.  Bob Jacobs was one of the news directors I worked for at WREG-TV in Memphis. Time came when the station wanted to make a change and did – all over him.  Many of us thought the treatment was shabby, but Bob not only survived, he’s prospered.  He’s been very generous with his observations on things I can do to navigate this storm, and I wanted to say publicly that I appreciate it.


6 thoughts on “In the wee small hours…

  1. Ditto Doug! Bob wasn’t treated the best at WREG when the “changes” took place, but today you’d never know it. He has soared. Bob did lots for me as well. I was young, dumb, and country! When I came to television, Bob was very patient, very…OK, I’m still country and dumb some days. But wiser.

    I really do believe that where we are in life is exactly where we are supposed to be at the time. I remember long before television news when I was a deputy, the sheriff I worked for got beat. I was fired, too smart for the 5h grade educated sheriff that took over. Years later I ran against him, ok I still lost by 300 votes in an 8 man race. But….that’s what made me get serious about getting into television news and really on the track I am on these days. Had I won that sheriff’s race, my life would be dramatically different today, and not in a good way.

    The tough knocks always make life better, but it’s in retrospect where we generally see that.

    I haven’t seen you personally for years Doug, but I remember that witty personality in the newsroom and know you won’t be in the ranks of unemployed for very long. Then you just have to figure out what to do with all of the really hot chicks!

    Hang in there!

  2. Doug, I have those same feelings when I wake up in the morning. Well, I did, before I started taking Omega 3 Fish Oil capsules. It does a number on your mood, in a very good way.

    Jokes aside, I think our industry is in dire straits. It pains me to see newspapers get shut down, excellent producers get laid off ’cause they make too much money, and every other hard ball that’s been thrown our way in the past few years.

    All I can say is, whatever’s going to be the future of news, will be made by the unemployed news workers during this recession. We’ll re-tool, re-group, and re-write (or shoot, if you’re in TV) the business of journalism.

    Best of luck!

  3. Doug, you are one I still remember well and admire from my ‘REG days. You have my thoughts and prayers.
    When I got tossed from my TV job 9 years ago, I took jobs to get me by until I could get back in the business. My only advice — you may be forced to take something below you, as I did, but be GREAT at whatever you do. I was down after being fired, but regrouped and got a job at Rent-A-Center. In less than a year, I was making more money than I did in TV. I gave the job my all and then some. Maybe it was just the fear of losing another job, but I wanted to be the best guy there. Eventually, I left and found a job that involved creativity, then landed a spot at another TV station.
    You are a VERY good guy, Doug. You will be back in a job that will make you proud. In the meantime, take pride in what ever work you do.

  4. I really miss you Doug but you’re going to do well. You have everything it takes to make it. Be choosy because a lot of opportunities are about to come your way!

  5. Doug, I know first hand what a great friend, co-worker and client you are. I agree with June, that you have so much to offer that any good Leader (not Boss) would be crazy not to give you a chance to help their organization grow to greatness!

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