Hello world (of the newly jobless)!

I never planned to write a blog.  Usually, I’m satisfied making comments on other people’s work.  But, like a growing number of folks, I’ve joined the ranks of the unemployed.  My former company decided to let me know (on a Friday) that it was eliminating my position and thanks for coming by.

Since getting my first media job in 1983, I’ve been fired twice before.  But this layoff comes in what’s being called the harshest financial time since the Great Depression. Obviously, I’m concerned over how long it will take me to find something new.

In this process, I’ve found out that blogging about being unemployed isn’t a particularly new idea (I hope there’s room in the pool for another one of these!).  This is a way to catalog my thoughts on what I’m going through, as well as keep my friends and family up-to-date (hoping to improve on Twitter posts and Facebook headlines).

Here’s the boilerplate:  for legal reasons, I won’t write specifically about the company I used to work for or on any details on my “separation” from same.  I live in Memphis and it’s a big company.  Do the math, but don’t expect me to confirm anything.

Comments?  Questions?  I’m happy to oblige.  I hope my time “on the beach” is short and this blog can shift to other topics.  Until then, let’s dance!


12 thoughts on “Hello world (of the newly jobless)!

  1. So Doug, I was looking at the picture of your beach..or rather your bee-aaach on your blog-site. Where are you in that picture?

  2. I don’t normally come out of retirement to blog or respond to items I read on blogs. But, sometimes you just have to let your friends know how you feel about them.
    I’m really very sorry to see you were caught up in the “down-sizing” at FEDEX. I’ve always felt you had a special talent when we were working together at that unmentionable place down on the river. I have every confidence it won’t be long before someone else recognizes that talent. I would be happy to be right at the top of your list of personal references.
    May your time “on the beach” be nothing more than a brief vacation.

  3. Hang in there, Doug. I know how it feels. Was laid off over two years ago. After a few weeks, I did a variety of contract assignments. Trouble is, they lasted anywhere between two weeks and eight months. The gaps of unemployment were tough.

    I’m confident you’ll find something. You’re on my prayer list.

    That’s an amazing picture!

  4. Doug,
    Feeling really bad for you and YOU KNOW it just isn’t the same with YOU!!! I’ve been through really bad times where I so didn’t want to sleep only to awake to reality once again. It can be so excruciating. but, I do know you will be stronger because of this and I do know God’s plan for you has bigger, better and more prosperous times for you. You are a joy and incredibly talented.

    Just creating this blog shows the genuine strength of your character. Yes, you know me as the forever optimist and in using your words, “Anything’s possible.” I do believe you will come out waaaaay ahead and better than you ever dreamed! Don’t give up. You can do anything through God who strengthens you each and every day! Keeping you in my prayers.

    The blog design is very nice! Clean, streamline and your picture is just beautiful and serene…

    • Believe me, I’ve a had a few days over the last week where I thought, “when I wake up, this terrible dream will be over and I go back to work!”

      Don’t worry, I’m holding on as well as I can!

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